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WHICH PATH we choose...where, how and with whom our kids spend their daily lives, makes all the difference! How is the Schoolseum so different?!

  • Kids are unique individuals so we treat them as such to bring out their very best.

  • We value parents and their contributions to their kids' educations.

  • Family First! We're year-round to alleviate the stressors of days off, vacations, summer time, holiday child-care, and extra-curricular activities. 

  • Light homework has its place: personal responsibility, accountability...but honestly, if kids were adults, (with the usual homework load they're given) we'd say they're "workaholics"!

  • Creating good habits all around: things we're trying to retrain ourselves as adults should be our kids' normal lives...smaller, more frequent, healthier snacks & meals, with plenty of water and better drink choices. More veggies, fruits, less sugars...their choices.

  • Readers are leaders! Lifelong learners and readers are vital to their personal growth and happiness as well as the society we want for their future!

  • Manners, positive behaviors mean something when they're genuine, not parrot-like. Besides positive guidance, self-regulating group dynamics help instill and reinforce them. 

  • Focusing on strengths helps better manage weaknesses. Grade levels and percentages don't account for the individual. Kids are simply strong in some areas and weak in others. Their self-esteem shouldn't be so tied to these markers. 

  • A safe, happy, positive environment: 13,000 sq feet to run around in and call their own! Free from fear, bullying, a place to try new things, take risks, get messy. We have each other's backs!


Mission & Vision

With our sister company, Imagine Edutainment, which provides integrated content and curriculum, NOW & THEN: A 21st Century Schoolseum (both brilliant little divisions of Infinity Inc.) focuses on developing the strengths and interests of K-5th youth as they have fun learning & creating museum-quality displays for the public while engaging with the community!


Partnering with Parents

We partner with parents who want the benefits of homeschooling without the total responsibility! Parents who struggle balancing work AND homeschool. Parents who  want to provide all of their kid's needs in social and academic learning environments.


Our youth members know they're valuable to our community. They work individually & together to provide edutaining opportunities for their peers and the general public via performances, their own shows on our YouTube channel, and creating museum-like exhibits to teach what they've learned. It's hard to summarize everything we do each day. We encourage coming on a tour of the Schoolseum, available after 3:00 Monday thru Friday and Saturdays by appointment only. 

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